Daily Prayer from Philippians 2:14-16

I pray that ________ would do everything without complaining and arguing so that no one can criticize her (him). Help her (him) live a clean, innocent life as a child of God, shining like a bright light in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Let her (him) hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return, she (he) will be proud that she (he) did not run the race in vain and that your work for her (him) was not useless.

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Daily Prayer from Ephesians 6:10-13

I pray that ________ would be strong in you, Lord and in your mighty power. Lord, teach ________ to put on all of the armor you’ve provided so that she (he) will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For she (he) is not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Let her (him) put on every piece of your armor so she (he) will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle, she (he) will still be standing firm.

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Daily Prayer from Galatians 6:9-10

I pray that ________ would not allow herself (himself) to get fatigued doing good. At the right time she (he) will harvest a good crop if she (he) doesn’t give up, or quit. Right now, every time she (he) gets the chance, let her (him) work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to her (him) in the community of faith.

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Daily Prayer from Galatians 6:7-8

I pray that _________ won’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, she (he) will harvest. The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others—ignoring God!—harvests a crop of weeds. All she’ll (he’ll) have to show for her (his) life is weeds! I pray that ________ will be one who plants in response to you, God, letting your Spirit do the growth work in her (him), harvesting a crop of real life, eternal life.

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